“Catherine’s enthusiasm for children’s publishing shines from the moment you meet her. Her eagerness is carried into everything she edits and she does it with intelligence, sensitivity and charm. Best of all, she cares about her authors – a quality no writer should ever underestimate.”

Chris d’Lacey


“Catherine's one of the best; creative, encouraging, and with a wonderful clear view of a storyline. She has an excellent way of tactfully suggesting changes, and is right 99.9% of the time – and how irritating is that? (But much to be admired!)”

Vivian French


“A wonderful editor – intelligent in her comments, sound of commercial judgement, efficient, enthusiastic and with great attention to detail.”

Caroline Sheldon, Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency


“Catherine’s enthusiastic and encouraging, but firm and decisive when that's what's required. Probably the thing I most value her for is her creative energy. I can't imagine Catherine getting old and jaded. A real treasure in fact!”

Rose Impey


“I have nothing but praise for Catherine Coe. She’s intelligent, professional and committed, and a real pleasure to work with – the sort of editor any author would kill to have.”

Ed Wilson, Johnson & Alcock


“Catherine made the whole editing process not only painless, but also fun. No, really.”

Keris Stainton


“Catherine's editorial skills are exceptional. She is able to identify exactly how to improve a manuscript, without in anyway interfering with the author's own voice. Her support for her writers is also exceptional, which both inspires and encourages them.”

Lucy Juckes, Jenny Brown Associates


“Catherine's depth of knowledge and editorial experience shines through. She went out of her way to help and offered advice way above and beyond my expectations. Her incisive and insightful comments are invaluable and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I just wish I'd consulted her years ago – but at least I know now!”

Andrew Birbeck


“Catherine’s series of creative writing workshops were a big hit a Sir John Heron Primary School. The younger children enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Catherine reading her own books and older children were inspired and enthused by her Creative Writing workshops. We look forward to her next visit.”

Michael Henry, Literacy Leader, Sir John Heron Primary School, Newham